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Why it is necessary to be accompanied for its fund raising "Business Angels"

We sometimes hear that you should not be accompanied to raise funds from business angels, that it would be frowned upon, etc. We think it's just the opposite!

At Super Capital, we focus on the famous "equity gap", that is to say roughly the fundraising between 200k€ and 1m€. Below 200k€, it is possible (and almost "easy" in some French regions outside of Paris) to get public money such as BPI, regional aid, honor loans or bank debt and a little love money. Beyond €1m, there are plenty of VCs (investment funds) in Paris who can put in good money in very nice companies that aim for the moon. But between the two, it's a bit of a desert crossing...

Blessed are the BAs!

Fortunately, there are those who are called "Business Angels" or "Angel investors", individuals, often company directors, sometimes executives, sometimes retired, who like to invest part of their income or their assets in young growing companies. And it is precisely this type of investor that interests us, because they are the ones most likely to invest in the heart of this "equity gap". Each of them usually invests between €10k and €100k per ticket, in rounds of €200k to €1m, sometimes more.

Who knows 500 BAs?

And so if we take an example, for a fundraising of €500k: 25 Business Angels investors who each invest €20k on average. To convince 25 people to invest in your company, you need to meet twice as many, i.e. 50. And to get a meeting with 50 private investors, you need to send your pitch deck to about 500 potential Business Angels... And that's where it gets complicated! Who knows 500 people potentially interested in investing in a startup? Not many people... To build a reliable and qualitative database of 500 Business Angels profiles, you would need about 6 months of work.

Only quality files!

This is precisely one of our added values: saving you time! We have built up this database of investors over the years and we keep it up to date. And as we only solicit these investors for qualitative files, they know that we send them good files and therefore they read our emails with interest! So we can immediately see the interest of being accompanied by Super Capital for a fundraising of 500k€ with Business Angels... But also for a fundraising of 1m€ with Business Angels + a "small" investment fund little known for example. While it is easy to identify the 20 or 30 main VC funds in Paris, it is more complicated to find the dozens of small private funds, in Paris or in the regions, capable of investing a few hundred thousand euros...

It is precisely in the BA "post-seed" phase that we need to be accompanied!

In the end, contrary to popular belief that it is imperative to be accompanied for a "Series A" round with VCs and that it is optional to be accompanied for a "post-seed" or "pre-Series A" round with BAs, we believe that the opposite is true! Our advice: make sure you are accompanied for your "post-seed" fundraising with BAs (if only because it is your first time logically and also because you cannot know 500 BAs!) and make your "Series A" fundraising alone (if you have already succeeded in your BA fundraising before, if not, make sure you are accompanied ;) ).

Looking to raise between 200k€ and 1,5m€ ? Send us your deck >>

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