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Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Create your company in the province!

Life is cheaper, more pleasant and money (30 to 300k€) easier to find.

I live in the Lille metropolitan area and I work mostly in Paris where more than 3/4 of our clients at Super Capital are. I also go regularly to Bordeaux and Rouen. And I notice that it is much simpler to undertake outside Paris / IdF. Here are the main points:

1. Life is obviously less expensive in the provinces than in Paris. For an entrepreneur who is just starting out, it's good news to be able to limit his expenses for personal rent, possible office space, food, outings... In Paris, a single entrepreneur needs a minimum income of 1,500 euros net per month to live, whereas in the provinces he or she can make do with 1,000 euros. With 2 children, you need at least 3000 to 4000 euros net in Paris, where 1500 to 2000 euros in the provinces may suffice.

2. The competition between startups is less tough in the provinces. This means that grants, subsidies, loans and other investment schemes are generally easier to obtain in the provinces than in Paris. If I take the example of the Lille or Bordeaux metropolitan areas, it is not very difficult, with a well thought-out project, to raise 100 to 200k€ easily, right from the start, sometimes even before recording any sales. Between the BPI, the Region, the Metropolis, the Department, the Réseau Entreprendre, the specific seed funding schemes... There is plenty to do and the required thresholds are much lower than in Paris.

3. You will quickly be spotted and identified in the local ecosystem, which can open doors and make things easier. This can open doors and make things easier, both for finding clients and partners, and for getting local media coverage.

4. This does not mean that you will not exist nationally. You can very well do as the hundreds of thousands of French people who live outside of Paris but who regularly go there to do business. The TGV, the plane, the bus or BlablaCar just replace the metro...

5. Some talents are easier to find in the provinces, like developers for example! And salaries are a little lower...

You are an employee in Paris and you want to take the plunge into entrepreneurship? Think about relocating, you will gain in quality of life, while spending less and having easier access to first financing...

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