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A very good year for Super Capital in 2019

This year, 2019, marked a turning point for Super Capital: we successfully entered the equity gap market, in other words, companies looking to raise between €100k and €2m in capital and generally struggling to do so. Why do we do this?

Because these amounts are a bit too low for VCs and a bit too high for the BPI or the founder's entourage... And as a result, almost no fundraising firms are interested in this size of deal. However, there are a number of very good companies in this market segment, with strong growth, good metrics, and an established and solid business model... And on the other side, there are a number of private investors who do not have access to a quality dealflow and who would like to invest in beautiful projects of this size, tickets of a few tens of thousands of euros. So that's what we do, thanks to our community of over 3,000 Business Angels, to whom we regularly send great investment opportunities!

This year 2019, our community of Business Angels has notably invested in:

- C Mon Jardinier, a rather B2C marketplace that helps individuals find a professional independent gardener and helps these gardeners manage their business: invoices, follow-up, order taking, quotes... A very nice company, in strong growth, with a multi-entrepreneur founder who had already founded, managed and sold a service company to individuals before.

- Poiscaille, a company that offers to deliver seafood products (fish, shellfish, etc.) directly from small fishermen. The customers come to pick up the products every week or every month at their favorite grocery store near their home. The founder is very passionate about fishing and he wants to promote sustainable fishing at a fair price in France and tomorrow in Europe.

2020 promises to be an even more incredible year, with more deals of course, but also a community of Business Angels that should exceed 3000 members and the creation of several investment vehicles of the "micro-fund" type. Stay tuned!

Corentin Orsini - founder of Super Capital and Angel investor

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