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Leverage your equity funding with debt

We can help you get up to 50% of your equity-round with private debt

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Our offer
We only charge for what you get.


You already have a robust deck

and thorough financial forecasts



commission on debt raised

€ 15M

Raised since 2019


We review all your documents to garantee the best possible outcome


3k + 5%

commission on debt raised


Partner banks

Our experts

2 seasoned CFOs with more than 40 years of cumulative experience

Frederic BAECKE - Partner SC Leverage

Passionate entrepreneur, 20 years of experience as CFO @Flease, @Impact Field Marketing Group, @Schumacher Group and @Parcours.

To summarize my journey, I will say that I made myself all alone. I became Chief Financial Officer at the age of 27, although I didn't have proper financial credentials. Through hard work and passion, I demonstrated my value. After several positions as Chief Financial Officer, I quitted my job to become an entrepreneur, which allowed me to discover one thing ... I was made to lead and be entrepreneurial. I think that there are several profiles of entrepreneurs ... Me, I am a processor: ⇨ I arrive, I clear, I take the raw material, and make a finished product. Once it's done, I move on. So let's move on together to help you finance your projet.

Frédéric BOULEUC - Founding partner

8 years as manager @Deloitte in France and Brazil followed by 10+ years as partner @André Le Groupe. Frederic is now part-time CFO for scale-ups and founding partner @Super Capital.


How much can you raise ?

It depends on your level of equity, your business activity, your stage and what is the garanty you attach to the loan. But you can roughfly raise from 30% to 100% of your equity level.

Is raising debt different from raising funds

from business angels or VCs ?

Yes, it is different. It is not the same process, the same language and the same positionning. That's the reason why we can help you review your documents to make sure you will fit the analysis matrix of bankers.

Should you adjust your deck and

business plan for banks ?

Definitely yes. This is the major issue when raising debts with banks. You need to adapt your deck and business plan.

What is the cost of debt financing ?

It varies from a bank to another. The rate also varies based on the duration of the loan and the level of risk.

How long does it take to raise debt ?

Around 1 month and a half after your project is received.

Should you raise debt from one

or several institutions ?

It depends on the need you have. But let’s say that above 30% of the equity level, banks require to share the risks by setting up a bank pooling.

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